Game Of Thrones Challenge

"Если мне что-то надо, значит, это уже моё"©
Все побежали, и я побежал)

"You know nothing, Jon Snow")))

"Fear cuts deeper than swords"


House Stark :wolf:

House Greyjoy

Да и все они какие-то унылые, на мой вкус.
Day 06: Who do you ship?
Dany/Jorah Mormont

Day 07: Favorite quote from the show/book
"Hodor, hodor, hodor"
"You know nothing, Jon Snow"
Day 08: Favorite episode
2x08 :eyebrow:

Day 09: Favorite scene
Day 10: Favorite armor
Day 11: What would you name your own direwolf?
Day 12: What other fantasy creature would you like as a pet?
Day 13: Who would you be in Game of Thrones?
Day 14: Picture or gif that expresses your reaction to the show
Day 15: Top 5 favourite characters
Jon Snow
Robb Stark
Jorah Mormont
Dany Targaryen
Jaqen H'ghar
Day 16: Give some advice to one of the characters
Day 17: Who is your favorite Stark?
Day 18: Who is your favorite Lannister?
Day 19: Where would you want to live in the GoT world
Day 20: Where would you live in the Game of Thrones universe?
Day 21: Describe Game of Thrones in one sentence
Day 22: What intrigues you about Game of Thrones?
Day 23: What politics do you side with?
Day 24: Would you join the Night’s Watch?
Day 25: Link to a fanvid you like
Day 26: Tyrion, Cersei, Jaime: Marry, fuck, throw off a cliff - what would you do?
Day 27: Three words that describe GoT
Day 28: What similarities does Game of Thrones to modern life?
Day 29: What lessons does Game of Thrones provide you?
Day 30: What character’s death would you be okay with?

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